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My Long-Haul Covid Program

There is no magic pill.

Long-Haul, is just that, a long haul.   It is about finding out what works in  your body and then working on repairing what went wrong since your Covid infection.   Together, we can identify the underlying causes of your maladies and then begin to bring you onto the path of rebuilding your health.  The process may be as simple or it may be complicated and related to pre-existing underlying conditions to just came to light because of the Covid virus.

Transparency is our Hallmark:


The hallmark of our program is that we advise patients that post-COVID conditions are not yet well understood and assure them that support will continue to be provided as new information emerges.

Our Case Managers  discuss progress and challenges with our patients and reassess goals as needed.

Symptoms not explained by, or out of proportion to, objective findings are not uncommon after COVID-19 and should not be dismissed even if there is not yet a full understanding of their etiology or their expected duration.  Many post-COVID conditions can be improved through already established symptom management approaches (e.g., breathing exercises to improve symptoms of dyspnea).  We will build  a comprehensive rehabilitation plan which will likely include IV therapy, rebuilding of your immune system, replenishment of key chemical systemic cycles, physical and occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, vocational therapy, as well as neurologic rehabilitation for cognitive symptoms.


A conservative physical rehabilitation plan might be indicated for some patients (e.g., persons with post-exertional malaise); consultation with physical therapists for cautious initiation of exercise and recommendations about pacing may be useful. Gradual return to exercise as tolerated could be helpful.  Optimizing management of underlying medical conditions might include counseling on lifestyle components such as nutrition, sleep, and stress reduction (e.g., meditation).

Our Program:

You begin with a consultation to listen to your symptoms, what you are feeling, how you are feeling, what is missing or damaged in your body.  

                We will listen and assess. 

                We will then discuss our assessment and build the program that best suits your unique condition and fits                       to your lifestyle and financial abilities.

This individualized program may include:

                 a comprehensive medical history,

                 a baseline of laboratory, blood & molecular testing,

                 boosting and replenishing key vitamins, minerals & amino acids

                 consultations with a Cardiologist, Gastro-intestinal specialist, Neurologist

                 therapy with acupuncture,  chiropractic, physical therapist, respiratory therapist, social counselor

Each step & result will be reviewed by your Case Manager and then followed up with you as well as planning the next step.   Your Case Manager will be with you every step to ensure that we can review progress and re-assess your conditions on a live basis.

Some costs of  our program may be covered by your health insurance, part of our initial consultation is to determine which costs may be covered and which costs will be out-of-pocket.  



If you are interested in our Long Haul Covid rehabilitation program, send in this form and we'll get back to you with details and an iniitial appointment


Thank You for your inquiry, we'll get back to you soon!

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