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A recent study published by the Centers for Disease Control confirms what we have been saying for years and what many of my patients have experienced: POST-COVID19 Fatigue is VERY REAL.

This is an abstract of a recent study contracted by the CDC:

This study aimed to estimate the incidence rates of post–COVID-19 fatigue and chronic fatigue and to quantify the additional incident fatigue caused by COVID-19. We analyzed electronic health records data of 4,589 patients with confirmed COVID-19 during February 2020–February 2021 who were followed for a median of 11.4 (interquartile range 7.8–15.5) months and compared them to data from 9,022 propensity score–matched non–COVID-19 controls. Among COVID-19 patients (15% hospitalized for acute COVID-19), the incidence rate of fatigue was 10.2/100 person-years and the rate of chronic fatigue was 1.8/100 person-years. Compared with non–COVID-19 controls, the hazard ratios were 1.68 (95% CI 1.48–1.92) for fatigue and 4.32 (95% CI 2.90–6.43) for chronic fatigue. The observed association between COVID-19 and the significant increase in the incidence of fatigue and chronic fatigue reinforces the need for public health actions to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infections.

You can read the entire technical publication by the CDC here:


You must rebuild the damage done to your body. Traditionally, you were able to go to your family doctor and they would listen to your fatigue issues. Now, it is no longer that simple. Although the "Family doctor" know what to do the process of delivery of medical attention and cures is so convoluted, a mess and rife with arguing health insurance companies that refuse to pay for the correct long-term treatment, thereby frustraating the best doctors.

I have spent countless hours and days to come up with the correct formula of medication and integrative medicine to get you back on track and return you to your state of good health and a vibrant life.

Covid-19 and it associated technical names whether introduced to you as an infection or vaccination cannot simply be reversed. It takes time & work to drill down and analyze what is needed to each individual.

We start with sophisticated blood tests, looking for key indicators that contribute to fatigue and malaise and then have those blood tests analyzed through a sophisticated artificial intelligence process to identify the nutrients, vitamins and hormones that you may be lacking or overloaded. We introduce those missing components through immediate use of intravenous therapy and then give you a list of those components to take orally on a maintenance program. In addition in many cases, I help restore many of these components (such as NAD+), to help slow the aging process.

Just remember, you are not lazy and you are not crazy. This nightmare of Covid-19 affected every aspect of our society and our bodies. You have to fight to restore your body and your good health. You can return to pre-Covid health.

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